Welcome to the World of JaKuBha

Ja(yanta) Ku(mar) Bha(ttacharya) or JaKuBha is a simple and most ordinary man whom some intelligent and wise people (my dear students) discovered from the jungle of poverty, pains and sufferings and put on a platform where it seems that this life of mine (may be) has come to at least some use... I am not only grateful to my students, but indebted to them too... Thank you all of you out there, who made this common man to your Jayanta Sir...

I am basically a Computer Educationist who has spent almost 15 years in the field of Computer Training and Programming. I personally train students of all levels right from school up to university level. Handling students on a professional basis is not a child's play. There remains a lot of responsibilities that should be shouldered in order to become a good trainer. My dedicated devotion to students leave me with very little time. This is why I could not develop this website with more appealing looks. Neither could I complete linking the other pages with the home-page as yet. People visiting my site are requested to come back after some time. May be if time permits, I will develop this site further.    

Even when there was no website in my name, I used to take interest in web page-designing and used to develop web pages in the form of either email stationery or writing letterheads.

Now since I have got one site, I wish to show you a few of my chosen web pages. Below are given some links to those pages. All you need to do is click and enjoy... P.S. Please allow ActiveX Controls to run in your PC, otherwise the show would be marred!

Long Term Courses:

Computer Science and Applications for ICSE/ISC/CBSE/WB Boards having the entire coverage of the prescribed syllabus.     read more...

Short Term Courses:

(i) Windows Operation with XP
(ii) Internet Operation
(iii) BASIC/Pascal/C/C++/Java
(iv) Web Designing      
If you're interested in undertaking any computer course, please feel free to contact me:

Contact Details:

Jayanta Kumar Bhattacharya
5C Justice Dwarakanath Road,
Kolkata 700020.
West Bengal, India
(+91)93394 52725 (mobile)
(+9133)2485 2725 (landline)
email id: jayantasir@gmail.com                                  
Other Websites:

(i) JaKuBha's Personal Website: A website containing details of JaKuBha as a person (site is under construction)

(ii) Wizards' - An Information Training Centre: A website having details of the institution owned by JaKuBha.(site is under construction)

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