Basic Facts Of Life - Slide Show

Hope by God's Graces you all are keeping well. Well, Exams are finally over ! While some of you are rejoicing having given them well, others are gloomy in the fear of failing... Which ever may be your case, your Sir believes from the core of his heart, that above all lies the 'Basic Facts of Life'. And you should never forget them for a moment. These facts were originally mailed to me by a student named Rahul Chowdhury (ISC-BGES-Year 2003). See if you like them as I liked...

Yours sincerely,

(J.K. Bhattacharya)
Scrippy Sample 7
Multiple Pictures In A Scroll
'Basic Facts Of Life'
This web page is a bit different from others. It has a Slide Show of pictures
depicting the Basic Facts Of Life. The Slide Show is developed in MS Flash.
Enjoy the cool music and the sleek presentation, as you go through the facts of life!
Happy reading the Basic Facts of Life... Have Fun!
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