My Dear Student,

Thank God, the storm is over! Most of you went to face the Storm with little or no proper preparations. You were none so experienced enough to brave it single-handedly. So you relied on me. I tried my level best to help you to learn the basic techniques absolutely necessary to face it. I never ditched you... I could not have done that in seven lives of mine !!!

Anyway, by now you should have understood which storm I am talking about. Yes, your Board Exams, which in my opinion, was no smaller than a tumultuous storm. I was quite surprised, at the same time, pleased to see you braving it so well. Believe me, when you went for your Exams, my status was just like the Lady in the picture (at the left), eagerly and anxiously waiting to see the Storm end and the ship sail properly. All the time, having the fear if any one should get drowned... 

All of you who have succeeded in securing respectable marks should be awarded, in my opinion. So I have designed a web page in the shape of a Certificate to commemorate your efforts. To see it, just click on the word-link Certificate (in blue). Please tell me what you feel about this page. To tell you the truth, I always strive to send you mails, which are totally different from the rest of the mails that you receive. Only you can tell me, how successful I am in my endeavor.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Jayanta Sir

P.S. This web page has heavy graphics. So, you may not get the desired quality, unless your bandwidth /connectivity is high. Please press F5 key for a few times to get the full page covered with Graphics and Sound...

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